Dedicating space in your life for creative cultivation is not an indulgence; it's part of a whole health and wellness approach to your life. Love Succers DIY kit will reserve you the “ME TIME” you need to thrive and will help you develop and hone your succulent design craft. This can be a wonderful gift for your loved one, too. 


Every Love Succers DIY succulent kit is its own unique composition of meticulously curated and cared-for succulents. You'll have a unique piece of living art that lasts years with proper care and maintenance. (Don't worry, we teach you how to make your succulents thrive!)


What's included in your kit?

  • A handmade cement planter-sized app 18cmX18cmX5cm assorted colour. 
  • A mixture of healthy succulent plugs and some cuttings 
  • Fresh moss/soil 
  • FREE tutorial video


Handcrafted Cement Planter Approximate Size: 180mmX50mm

Artistic Succulent Centrepiece DIY KIT