It sounds funny to say that succulents

But life has a way of offering us peace, calm, and renewal in unexpected ways.

While my hubby lived and worked in an entirely different country, I worked long, grueling hours, seven days a week.


Anxiety, depression, stress, and daily suicidal thoughts had taken over my once-glowing spirit—I needed respite desperately.

I knew firsthand that money can’t buy joy. I wasn’t struggling financially, yet my struggle was real. I wasn’t meeting my own needs.

Joy is manifested through intentional time. Time with something you love. Time away from a frazzled existence. Time to focus. Breathe. Rest.

I found therapy in the form of something small—a tiny succulent garden tucked sweetly into my backyard. The world goes on pause when I’m cultivating my love succers. Calm overtakes worry, and joy enters in.

Now I invite you to experience the therapeutic zen of succulents through designing, by your own two hands, something small but mighty. Beautifully uplifting. Perfectly imperfect, just like you and me.

A succulent will speak to you in ways you can’t expect; I promise you that. A piece of curated succulent decor in your home, carefully cultivated by your own hands and heart, can remind you that peace is found through little things.

Moments of self-care will reactivate your spark for life.

Take the time to cultivate something small, and cultivate yourself.

Saved my life.


Owner + Founder of Love Succers